People are already completing the raid? I thought it would take longer than 12 hours at least

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I STILL don’t have enough strange coins to buy something from Xur and he’s been gone for two days


Confession: I supported the mages throughout all of Dragon Age 2. They were the injured party, and I felt that they deserved more freedom. But as soon as Anders blew the Chantry, I knew that it was all over, and I went to the Templars aid. I don’t even feel guilty

You sided against a group of mages because of something that another mage who was never even involved in their Circle did


One thing I can’t get over in this episode is that Jaune Arc (socially awkward major-dork extraordinaire) looks better in a dress than I do. Also I can’t do backgrounds for shit, so I majorly edited a screencap as the background. \0u0/

(Full view it >u<b)

arya appreciation week: one season

"My father is Hand of the King. I’m not a boy, I’m Arya Stark of Winterfell, and if you lay a hand on me my father will have both your heads on spikes. Now, are you going to let me by, or do I need to smack you on the ear to help your hearing?"

Arya Stark Appreciation Week | Day Six: Favorite Scene

it was her. she fought like hell to get here.




We stick together.

There are a lot of shows I wish I could re-watch without any knowledge or memory of them. I’d like to tackle them from a clean perspective a second time, just to recapture the magic of that amazing first viewing. Game of Thrones is not one of those shows. Game of Thrones will never be one of those shows. I am not re-learning every character’s name and allegiance and history and motives and so on a second time, fuck that, that was WORK


turn ons:

  • pirates

turn offs:

  • people who don’t like pirates