Iceland, just the hint of the aurora looking out to the mountains beyond Thingvellir. A perfect night.

for phaselockandload


Just more sketches. Morrigan this time. Never meant to be anything more then sketches but I put some colour on them anyway. 

Hey there, sugar ♥

"Everyone on the moon is gay"

Yeah isn’t it great

"This game sucks"

Oh you meant that as a bad thing? Jesus christ, okay, you’re weird

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I was going to let you live you dumb bastard, what is wrong with you?

The Pre-Sequel keeps getting some of the most petty and childish complaints I’ve ever seen a video game receive

And that’s really saying something

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I really wanna start Claptrap and Wilhelm playthroughs but I don’t want to make the same mistake I made in BL2 where all my characters are at the same part in the story (the one I played as first being in TVHM) and having to do the exact same quests over and over whenever I want to switch around


I feel like it’s waaayyyyyy harder to unlock heads and skins in the Pre-Sequel than it was in BL2

But then again it did take me a while to get heads at first… It was easier once I knew where to look

But there also feels to be a lot less info buzzing around. Because… nobody seems to be updating the Borderlands wiki as much as they used to????

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Female Video Game Character Meme - Day Four
        Character you relate to - Gaige  ( Borderlands 2 )

I have reserved two URLs of potential ask blogs I can run

These urls are b4r-b0t and hyperionroomba

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