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Someone at the Wisconsin Humane Society is really good at naming cats.


tyvianred replied to your post:Game of the year on official lists will probably…

infamous second son tho



YEAH OKAY Delsin would easily make it in the character of the year list and Second Son will probably be up for Game of the Year

Shit I’m dumb

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Fetch + “boxing”.


[x-ray and vav theme in the distance]


Hey there, people who recently changed (or are about to change) their url! Whether it’s for a seasonal holiday or just for your general tumblr useage, I’ve got a quick guide for you!

Do you get frustrated with typing in your old url in the subject bar instead of your new one? Do you want your friends who go to your blog directly, rather than from their dash, to still be able to find you? Are you worried about links breaking when they have your normal url in them? (For example, do you have a link to your art tag somewhere in your blog layout?)

Good news! I’m gonna teach you how to do a redirect.

  1. So, if you haven’t changed your url yet, go ahead and do that first.
  2. Then make another blog, using your old/normal url.
  3. Go to your “new” blog (your old url) e.g. [your old url].tumblr.com
  4. Click “edit theme” in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Click “Edit HTML” under your theme title (likely Optica), toward the top of the menu on the left side of your screen.
  6. Erase the current theme code. All of it. (To do so quickly, Ctrl+A then Backspace if you’re on a PC keyboard, or command then delete if you’re on an Apple one.)
  7. Paste in the following: 

    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    location.href = location.href.replace(“oldurl”, “newurl”);

  8. Replace oldurl with your previous url, that this new blog is set to. Be sure to leave the quotation marks in.
  9. Replace newurl with your new url (that the main blog you want to direct people to now uses). Be sure to leave the quotation marks in.
  10. For example if you’re changing from normalbutt to spookybutt it should read:

    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    location.href = location.href.replace(“normalbutt”, “spookybutt”);

  11. Click Update Preview
  12. Click Save

Congrats, links with your old url are now good to go and will redirect to the appropriate pages!

Game of the year on official lists will probably be between Destiny, TWDGs2, Watch Dogs (lmfao), Dragon Age: Inquisition, and mayyyybe Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and/or Far Cry 4? I’d also like to see Child of Light and, at the moment, Shadow of Mordor (opinion may change as I make my way through the game) on that list, but I doubt they’ll make it to the final count in many mainstream places

Who would even be on the character of the year list this year?

I’d think someone from Inquisition might work (possibly Cole, Morrigan, or Iron Bull, though it would have to depend on audience reception since there are just so many characters), but it could be coming out too late in the year to make any lists from official websites, and it especially won’t make VGX’s list because they probably start “planning” that way too far in advance

Probably somebody from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, most likely Handsome Jack or Claptrap (or my personal favorite, Athena, since she’s apparently the story’s narrator)

I could see them putting up Ghost from Destiny, too (though nobody would vote for him, judging on how many people don’t like Peter Dinklage’s voice acting — which I don’t mind, personally, especially not for an AI, but it’s certainly nothing special)

Probably Clementine from TWDGs2

Also possibly Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs but, again, that’ll be really fucking hilarious

Ratbag from Shadow of Mordor would be my current suggestion (but I doubt he’ll make the list)

If Advanced Warfare’s campaign goes over well, maybe somebody from that might make the list (though it’s been a while since a CoD campaign has even been spoken about)

If Inquisition ends up coming out in time, then Far Cry 4 would, too (they come out on the same day), so possibly the antagonist of that game?

Man, this has been a really shitty year for decent video game characters

I’d have to say at the moment that it’ll probably be a pretty even fight between Borderlands’ chosen character and Clem from TWDG (even though I’ve never played it), though that could easily change depending on what the other games have in store

I’m gonna laugh so hard if VGX comes along this year and Aiden Pearce is a candidate for character of the year

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Character of the Year 2014: Ratbag the Coward

mikallen replied to your post:In other news, Shadow of Mordor is actually…

dat Ratbag tho. Best character.


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In other news, Shadow of Mordor is actually surprisingly great

I haven’t played as much of it as I would have liked to today but I highly recommend it for anyone who likes action or adventure games

The combat is tactical and rewarding (and sometimes rather difficult, though not punishing), the voice acting is phenomenal (Troy Baker kicks ass yet again, though every member of the voice cast does an AMAZING job as well, they did a great job with casting), it’s fun to play, it flows well (usually — sometimes climbing mechanics get a bit jumbled), the skills are varied and fun to use, and while I’m nowhere near an expert on Tolkien lore, there doesn’t seem to be much of anything that conflicts with established lore (and it adds a good deal of interesting things)

The story could be told better, but it still serves its purpose and is generally entertaining (even the characters are pretty good), and its mood remains a little too dark and dreary throughout (I wish there was some sort of town or hub to visit, without anything like that it just feels annoyingly bleak?), but yeah for the most part I’m really enjoying it

Also the nemesis system works exactly how it should and the way rivalries build up between you and NPCs just works so perfectly and naturally. It gives you a really cool personal connection to the world and to the story itself

The game is just downright fun and I fully expect there to be issues that come up along the way in terms of gameplay and story but for now it’s a pretty enjoyable experience

I just wish Talion wasn’t essentially “grimdark Aragorn.” He’s super bland and uninteresting as a character, and they could have done any number of things to change that, but nope, hyper-typical protagonist

This could have done well with character creation, or even character selection out of set characters. I don’t even mind having a set character in the context of another narrative, I just wish they would have done something interesting with him, but from design to characterization he’s just exactly what you’d expect. Celebrimbor is fucking awesome, though